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If we don't forgive ourselves for our mistakes, and others for the wounds they have inflicted upon us, we end up crippled with guilt. And the soul cannot grow under a blanket of guilt, because guilt is isolating, while growth is a gradual process of reconnection to ourselves, to other people, and to a larger whole.

(Joan Borysenko )

Your Equiboosters

Oro Cavallo Ofelys Mesnil De Darmen (° 18-07-1991)
is a Belgian Warmblood Horse and full son of Lys De Darmen, Ambassador of the BWP stud book. He has an amazing intuition and extremely high emotional intelligence. This is not a horse you’ll easily fool … he sees right through you. Oro has been brought up in a very horse friendly environment and is very calm and gentle, especially with children, and will be very cooperative when you approach him as a true leader: firm but respectful, confident and honest. He’ll play with your feet as soon as he senses you’re not in balance. He can be very stubborn as well. He will never be violent or kick you and he is totally bomb proof: he wouldn’t give a blink if a plane would crash next to him. Oro has a classic background and has received Natural Horsemanship training. He is a true leader, and leading Oro requires you to be in perfect balance. If you can handle Oro, you are fit to be a leader.  

Panter (°18-05-1995)
is a Westfalen horse that was used in high dressage, more specifically in horse dancing. He traveled from Germany to the Netherlands and finally to Belgium. His training was harsh, performance was all that mattered, there was no room for emotions or playing. When he arrived in our care, he didn’t even know what grass was and everything scared him … being locked up in his stable, getting out for training and shows was the only thing he knew. Panter has received Natural Horsemanship training but remains a highly sensitive horse. He needs to be approached with a soft hand and kindness. If not, he’ll run away. He will never be violent or kick you. The only way to lead Panter, is to inspire confidence. That requires self confidence.

Impresse (° 03-06-2008)
Our little princess Impresse hasn’t stolen her name: she has an impressive origin and carries all the qualities of Rubinstein, Furioso and Feiner Stern in her blood. Her appearance is totally dazzling: she is elegant and refined, and when she is galloping through the prairies, her tail up high like a scepter with which she rules her territory, it’s like she’s flying on clouds, barely touching the ground. Yet at the same time, she expresses a rare boldness that shows she was born to win and nothing, or no one, will ever stop her from reaching her goal. Impresse is incredibly intelligent and nothing escapes her attention. She is playful yet eager to learn and willing to give the best of herself to those who treat her with care and respect. You’ll get nothing done from her when you try to dominate her. She will follow you gently when you make her feel safe and clearly set your bounderies.

Feinheit (° 12-03-2009)
is without a doubt the embodiment of wisdom and inner beauty. I have rarely met a horse that was so balanced at such a young age, so pure and authentic. Feinheit moves like royalty and clearly sets her boundaries. She is prudent, yet daring. She possesses an unseen life force and strong will of her own. She will definitely be a challenge as a horse coach!

Anke Santens

has a passion for life, people and horses. She has been active in the communication industry for 10 years and took an interest in horses in 2005. Anke studied Modern History (1994-1998) and simultaneously obtained a Teaching Qualification (1996-1998). She lived one year in California (1998-1999) where she took her first coaching classes. She returned to Belgium and studied Journalism (1999-2000) while working at VTM during the weekends. After her graduation, she combined her full time position as a Management Executive for a Brussels based Consulting company with a post-graduate Management at EHSAL Management School (2000-2001). She completed her business education with a post-graduate International Trade at Hantal Business School and started working as a Communication Consultant afterwards, combining her management experience with her communication skills. She founded her own Communication Agency Calliope’s end of 2005 and mainly worked for multinationals. Passionate about the psyche of man and horse, Anke continued to use her free time to observe horses, study and participate in clinics, trainings and workshops about NLP, enneagram, Natural Horsemanship, psychology, personal growth, self empowerment, creativity and innovation, relaxation and breathing techniques, coaching, bio-energy, tai chi, problem solving techniques, animal communication, expansion of consciousness techniques, quantum medecine etc. in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Austria and the USA. She started to coach with horses on a small prairy in Vichte in 2006 under the name "The Orange Stable". In 2009, she obtained her certification horse breeding and founded Equiboost. In 2010 she obtained the European qualification in Agriculture. In 2011, she founded Europe's first Horse Coaching Center and continues her training on an ongoing basis to further explore and heal the subconscious of man (Guattari, Ussel, Drouot). Through Equiboost, she wants to share her knowledge and experience and set a new standard in coaching with horses, to increase the wellbeing of people and horses.    


And for the little ones, we have our darling Leonberger Honnepon as the perfection transition for the horses.


Equiboost collaborates with a wide variety of professionals in the coaching, communication, medical, horse and event industry.

Pictures of these amazing Equiboosters can be found on the Equiboost Blog, videos on YouTube and Facebook.