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Change is inevitable, growth is intentional.

(Glenda Cloud)

Why horses?

A horse can’t lie.
So you’re always sure to have an honest answer.

A horse doesn’t judge.
It doesn’t matter if you are small, tall, fat, tiny, rich, poor, smart, dumb, old, young, handsome, ugly, black, white, muslim, jewish … The horse doesn’t care. It accepts you for who you are. For who you really are. There is no prejudice. There is no judgement. There is no need for you to pretend.

You can’t control a horse.
So if a horse agrees to do an exercise with you, that means the horse respects you, trusts you and sees you as a leader. You can’t manipulate a horse into doing an exercise with you. You can’t bribe a horse to do an exercise with you. You can’t scare a horse to do an exercise with you. The horse will only obey you when you are in balance, when you are your truly authentic. And when you are your true self, when you set your limiting beliefs aside, you will see you are strong, you will feel confident, you will experience the power inside yourself.

A horse lives in the NOW moment.
So it doesn’t matter what you have done – or not done – in the past. Only the present matters. Not what has been. Nor what is to come. Only now matters. And now is exactly the starting point we want you to depart from.

A horse is very clear in its communication.
Horses don’t use words to communicate. They use their body language. Their body language can’t be misinterpreted. It is very clear. There is no confusion. There are no misunderstandings. You know immediately where you stand.

Think about it … have you ever met a human coach who can’t lie, who doesn’t judge, who can’t be controlled, who always lives in the now moment and who is always clear in his communication?