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Don’t go through life, grow through life.

(Eric Butterworth)

Just 4 fun

Horses are a lot of fun. Our Equiboosters don’t always have to do ‘serious stuff’ – they can enjoy themselves too. One of the things they enjoy the most, is being pampered like princes: being brushed, being caressed, being talked to, being spoiled. They love it when they can play too. And they love playing with people. And they love people playing with them.

So if you feel like spending an afternoon with the horses ‘just for fun’, maybe one of the following programs is something for you:

Just for fun Teambuilding
This teambuilding is not about coaching your team. This teambuilding is about having fun with your team. And with the horses. We have lots of fun activities with horses for you in store. Let us know what you are looking for and we’ll send you a proposal that meets your requirements. The Just for fun Teambuildings are organized in cooperation with Event-Solutions.

Just for fun Senior
Our Equiboosters are happy horses. Happy horses are relaxed horses. That makes them a perfect friend for Seniors who want to get out of the house or the home they’re staying at and spend some quality time with these noble animals. The interaction with the horses brings a sense of overall wellbeing and energizes the visitors.

Just for fun Happy Birthday
Equiboost receives small groups of children (max. 10) who want to celebrate their birthday with the horses. An adapted afternoon program can be arranged, together with a birthday cake. This birthday party will be remembered for a long time!