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A Horseman should know neither fear, nor anger.

(James Rarey)

How does it work?

During the coaching sessions and exercises with horses - next to the horses, not on the horses - we look for solutions. Solutions that can help you reach your goal. We find ways for you to change your life, so you can become who you want to be, you can do what you want to do, you can feel the way you want to feel. Equiboost works with a herd of 4 horses.

Good news: there is always a solution. Several solutions even. No matter what your objective is. This requires being honest with yourself. Truly honest with yourself. That may sound easy, but experience has shown this isn’t always easy.

Bottom line: Equiboost doesn’t give you the answers. You do.

On average, it takes 1 to 2 coaching sessions to solve a problem, to create a change, to boost a competence. There are 3 weeks between each coaching session. Some people only need 1 coaching session. We consciously limit our horse coaching sessions to 5 per person as we wish to avoid dependency between the horse coach and the coachee.  

The secret – horses live in a herd and instinctively recognize a leader. Horses follow their leader if they sense leadership  qualities such as confidence, respect, honesty, security. When you are out of balance or feel insecure, the horse won’t follow you during the exercises. When the horse does follow you, you’ll know you’re in balance. You’ll feel like a true leader. Strong. Confident. With a clear vision. Without fear or uncertainty. Ready to face any challenge. Anke Santens applies the laws of quantum physics in the contact between humans and horses.


There is no previous experience with horses required to participate in a horse coaching session.