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Horses and children, I often think, have a lot of the good sense there is in the world.

(Josephine Demott Robinson)

Horse hugging

Horse hugging is a wonderful experience to de-stress.

It has been known for centuries that animals are energy balancers. Pets, like dogs and cats, have the same effect, although less than horses because they are smaller sized creatures. Horses, by nature, are amazing energy balancers. Indians, Greek, Romans, Persians, Berbers, and other ancient cultures, they all knew that. They understood and respected the power of horses. That also explains why a horse was considered far more valuable than, for example, a slave.

Today, people have forgotten to ‘feel’ horses. People look at horses, they ride horses, they brush horses, they breed horses, but they don’t feel horses anymore. It’s a pity, because the inner strength of a horse exceeds the human strength by far.

With our horse hugging program, we bring you back to the NOW moment. Combined with breathing and relaxation exercises, we teach you how to feel horses. When you are truly feeling a horse, you will feel totally relaxed. You won’t feel any stress. The horses will recharge your battery and you’ll feel fully energized again. 

Horse hugging can also be combined with coaching or integrated in Equi-challenge or Just 4 Fun.



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