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A horse! a horse! my kingdom for a horse!

(William Shakespear, King Richard III)


A loving relationship is like a beautiful flower. It needs a lot of nurturing and care-taking to bloom year after year. Without it, the flower eventually dies. A relationship is about movement. About change. About dynamics and personal growth. About growing together. Communication is essential for a healthy relationship. Communicating with each other through exercises with horses makes a lot of hidden aspects in the relation surface.

Only 2 options …

Coaching with horses can do two things for your relationship. It can make you remember why you fell in love with your partner, it can point out what it is you adored in your partner, it can open your eyes and make you see your partner in a whole new light and make you fall in love all over again and make you eager to continue your path together. Or it can indeed open your eyes, and make you realize that you or your partner have changed, and the change has become too important to overcome. Coaching with horses will either stimulate you to continue your relation on a new and stronger basis than ever, or it will make you realize this relation has come to an end a long time ago. This awareness will either way open doors for new experiences. No matter what the outcome is, you will both win from this experience.

Attention !

Equiboost does not vouch for a fixed relationship. Equiboost guarantees an honest answer for and from both parties to the questions: Do I want this relationship to work? What can I do to make this relationship work?

Equiboost can not fix what has been broken a long time ago. Equiboost can however revive what is still alive.


How does it work?

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