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One reason why birds and horses are happy is because they are not trying to impress other birds and horses.

(Dale Carnegie)


It is a widely accepted fact that the real value of a company consists of the people working for that company – the Human Capital.

Unfortunately, the Human Capital is no machine. The people that work in your company are no robots. You cannot steer them by clicking a button. You cannot program them to execute whatever it is you want them to execute exactly the way you want it. In most cases, employees are not psychics either. They cannot read your mind, and even if they could, it is not a guarantee that a certain task will be performed in perfect alignment with your request.

The success of making a company profitable today lies in genuine leadership and clear communication. Horses can train you in becoming a true leader and focused, inspiring communicator.


To align all departments and members of your staff, Equiboost has developed a Human Capital Maintenance Program.

Equiboost also provides ad hoc coaching services, for companies who don’t subscribe to the Human Capital Maintenance Program.


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